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Packing ist der Startpunkt zu einer Neubetrachtung des Fußballs

Packing is the starting point for a new era of soccer analysis.

Soccer is all about scoring goals and the less opponents a player is facing in front of the goal, the more likely he is to score. Consequently, the attacking team needs to get past the defending team and the aim is thus to outplay the opponents. To achieve this, it’s essential that after a move less defending players will be between the ball and the goal. The outplayed opponents are then ‘packed’ and currently not able to prevent the ongoing attack. This is why the idea of taking players out of the game is called Packing.

The Packing-method delivers to meaningful KPIs.

Outplayed Opponents: There are different ways to take opponents out of the game – through vertical passes, diagonal balls or dribblings. In all situations, the Outplayed Opponents are summed up.

Outplayed Defenders: This KPI is a specification of the Outplayed Opponents and refers to the last 6 players who can defend their goal. To outplay defenders is particularly effective and has the greatest impact on scoring goals. Therefore, the number of Outplayed Defenders are added separately.

Das Aufsummieren der nach der Packing Methode überspielten Gegner liefert zwei aussagekräftige Kennzahlen

The Packing-method enables to collect a whole range of significant KPIs to analyze team and player performances.

Outplay Opponents/Outplay Defenders

Outplay Opponents/Outplay Defenders

Outplayed Opponents/Outplayed Defenders are a particularly powerful indicator for the offensive play of a player or a team. Therefore, we evaluate whether and which opponents are overplayed in each offensive action.

Outplayed Opponents/Outplayed Defenders through pass receiving

Outplayed Opponents/Outplayed Defenders through pass receiving

Every successful action needs a passing player and a pass receiver. The number of Outplayed Opponents as a pass receiver measures the quality of a player regarding his sense of space and evaluates if he is able to secure his teams ball possession upfront.

Removed teammates

Removed teammates

This category is the counterpart of outplaying opponents as it measures how dangerous the own ball losses have been. The more teammates cannot defend their goal after losing ball possession, the more dangerous the ball losses have been.
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To be outplayed

To be outplayed

While the number of Outplayed Opponents measures the offensive output of a team, the number of own outplayed players refers to the defensive stability. If even the defenders are outplayed on a high level, the team is defensively vulnerable and allows many goalscoring opportunities.

Outplayed opponents through interceptions

Outplayed opponents through interceptions

A team can also take opponents out of the game through intercepting the ball. We sum up all opponents who cannot defend their goal after an interception and call this the number of Removed Opponents. The KPI is an indicator for the pressing ability of a team.

Added Teammates (through interceptions)

Added Teammates (through interceptions)

This category shows how important an interception was in order to defend  the own goal. Therefore, winning the ball is particularly important when Outplayed Teammates are brought back into the game.


For clubs

Our goal is to support managements, analysts and scouts with meaningful data in their daily work. We provide a number of meaningful key figures which help to analyze the offensive and defensive play of players and teams. Contact us. We would be pleased to provide you with our data!

Match Analysis

  • Objective player and team evaluation
  • How strong is my team in the different areas?
  • How strong are my players in terms of build-up? Which player creates a goal threat?
  • Which player showed good pressing skills?
  • Which player was able to create a lot of passing options?


  • How do my players perform in comparison to the other clubs?
  • Objective player evaluation for youth and international players
  • Pre-selection of top players in international competitions (UEFA Youth League, Toulon Tournament, Under 19/21 Championships)
  • Time saving collection of data
  • Confirmation of impressions
  • League Monitoring: Early identification of trends and talents

For media

Our goal: to evaluate the players’ and team performances more objectively using simple data. How strong has a player really been? How much did he contribute to the build-up? Was it a deserved win? These questions can be objectively answered with our Packing – stats.

Let your viewers see the game from another perspective! How many opponents did my favourite player outplay? My team had a lot of ball possession, but how effective was their built-up in the end? With Packing you can improve your match analysis. Are you interested in our data? We are happy to help!


No! In the German Bundesliga the best values are held by Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund (Seasons 2015-2017) who define themselves through a high quality passing. Furthermore , our algorithms are only taking relevant actions into account. For example: a pass, where a receiver just slighty touches the ball under high pressure and loses ball possession is not getting any credit.
If a successful action ends in Outplayed Opponents, the measuring unit is „Outplayed opponents“. This is a unit like „won duels“ or number of ball contacts.
In fact, outplaying the opponents’ defenders is more important and difficult than outplaying strikers or midfielders. Therefore, we report the number of Outplayed Defenders and the total number of Outplayed Opponents separately. However, we do not weight any of our KPIs and treat them as separate numbers.
Yes. All offensive actions which make it possible to Outplay Opponents are summed up. This can be passes, dribblings, crosses or diagonal balls.

When analysing the Bundesliga we can work on basis of the official data provided by the German Football League („DFL“). Therefore, we have access to the position data of the players and the ball. These contain the information on the location, where each player and the ball is at a certain time. Thereby, we can guarantee a complete objectivity.

If the position data are not available, our data collection is based on a strictly objective grid which also ensures the same data quality and objectivity.


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