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Find the right player profile for your playing style! Our fully automated profile recognition provides you with a quick classification of each player into numerous player profiles.
Compare the KPIs that are most important to you in clear graphics. You can also use our export function, to download & prepare the data yourself.
Visualise the most important KPIs for a position across different competitions. This way you can quickly find positive outliers and easily analyse the data.
Intuitive & completely customisable radar charts give you a quick overview of a player’s strengths & weaknesses.
Create individual profile searches to find the most suitable players. You can weight each KPI according to your preferences.


  • The most powerful scouting platform in football
  • Create individual profiles to find the most suitable players
  • Screen all your target markets with a few clicks
  • Numerous data visualisations for the best possible integration into your workflow
  • Whether you are a coach, sporting director or live and data scout. The intuitive front-end can be easily used by anyone in your club
  • Use the numerous scouting features to analyse player performance in different contexts
  • The unique and meaningful packing® data as well as IMPECT’s xG & xT metrics give you a competitive edge in scouting


  • User-friendly platform for the analysis of your team
  • Non-shot based, shot-based & post-shot based expected goals available to get a quick overview of a match
  • With the IMPECT Packing® data you can monitor the development of your team in the most important categories and compare it with other teams.
  • Quickly find the most important key facts about your upcoming opponent:  Who are the most effective players? Which spaces does the opponent play in most often? What is their style of play in different phases of the game?
  • Use the export functions to integrate the data into external tools


  • You prefer to work with raw data in your own database? No problem!
  • Event data and MatchSums from over 70+ competitions worldwide
  • Since the 21/22 season we have the most complete & meaningful dataset in football - Packing®+.
  • Transparent KPI definitions, user-friendly & digital glossary
  • Highest data quality through multi-layered control systems